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Wooden FRAME

Wooden FRAME
Sold out

Belgium only!


100 x 130 cm

Wooden frame with spacer 20x35mm floatmounted*


The handmade frame mouldings are made of solid wood with premium finishes. Each piece is custom cut to perfectly fit your artwork. 


The wooden frame is made of a 20x35mm profile made out of pine wood with white finish and a 20mm spacer between the glass and mat board. This gives you space to floatmount your piece of art and giving it an extra dimension!


Float Glass or Art Glass*


Fully framed and ready to hang!

The framer will contact you Within 7 days. 

If you still have any questions, they will of course be happy to answer them. 






Your artwork is mounted on an acid-free foam core backing which keeps the work smooth and supported. Most pieces are dry mounted. Depending on the chosen mat board finish your artwork will be float mounted or hinge mounted.


Float Glass or Art Glass*

• Artglass is a premium glass that is UV-resistant for 70% and has an anti-reflective coating giving the advantage of <1% reflection! "See your art, not your reflection" is the motto. We strongly recommend this option as it is the best way to show and preserve your artwork.

• Float glass is a cheaper traditional glass without UV resistance or anti-reflective coating. 


Hanging hardware

Your artwork will be delivered at your door ready to hang.  Hanging hardware that's appropriate for the size of your finished art piece is included on the back of each frame. Your frame will be provided with corner brackets for hanging. You'll also get the corresponding hooks and ankers. All you need is a drill and your artwork is ready to shine!