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Steve &  Jera Locatelli

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Steve Locatelli 

Steve Locatelli is a Belgian contemporary artist who has built an unparalleled faceless recognition over the last three decades. His works, made up of cumulative shapes and colors - often resulting in daunting skulls - can be found worldwide. Some in public places. Others in galleries. Most in the intimacy of luxurious villas.

Skull ART

Locatelli’s subjects range from very bright and colorful to monochromatic, with a variety of shades providing depth and the illusion of movement. Skulls are one of the most recurring motifs in his art, but he also depicts girls’ faces, guns, dogs, and bones, amongst others. 

The artist’s signature skulls arise from a bold combination of materials and techniques, perfected over the course of a decade. Each skull a faceless rebel, emancipated from the constraints of gender or heritage.

Aren’t we all the same, underneath it all?


The year 2007 represents a pivotal period in Locatelli’s art and career. After years of collaborations and honing his style, he transitioned back to working on his own, in his very own studio at Artifex gallery which he founded together with his wife Jera. 

Painting on canvas instead of walls, taking his time to perfect shapes, colors and textures, the artist entered the next phase of his autodidactic journey as an artist and as an entrepreneur.

The Gallery 

Steve Locatelli, together with his wife and business partner Jera, established the independent gallery ‘Artifex’ in 2007 in the heart of the vibrant city of Antwerp. 

Artifex serves as an artistic hub for Steve Locatelli to work, showcase and provide workshops for the next generation of inspired creatives. On average twice a year, the Locatellis organize an exhibition at Artifex, attracting an audience of art connoisseurs and collectors.